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Sunday, March 4

Shorten URL

2013-2018 Top 10 URL Shortening Services  

Why should I shorten URLs ?

Because :
-     My URL is too long and don’t look very good
-     It is hard to read, memorized, sent
-     Represents my affiliate link and I want to keep it safe (Cloak/Hide)
-     I want a third party redirect service, a shortened URL easy to track with a shorten URL tracking url service
-     In some situation a very long URL may be broken into multiple lines (2 or 3) as is the case with some e-mails, forums and could not work anymore
-    On Blog postings or social networks like Twitter, instant-messaging services, e-zine or articles sent to article directories is a limit of characters that can be used in.
     They accept only short URLs !
-    I want texting my URL to a mobile phone via sms
-    A short URL is more useful to write in a printed magazine, book or video 
-    I want to design/create my QR Code and I need a shortened URL
-    Use URL Shortening Services To share Google Maps Location, Share Photo URL on Facebook, Twitter & other Social Networks !
- Geotarget my website page with Geotarget URL Shortener if I want to Redirect pages by country or if I have specific languages on these page.
- I want to Create, Share single URL to open multiple links
- I need a Password Protected URL for my Download Link
- I want to create a Multisharing QR Code

URL Shortening is usually FREE and change only the appearance of the web address, not the physical location. The shortened link open the required page.

To have functional Shorten URL I will strongly recommand to use URL Shortening Services that are using Permanent Redirection or Expiry Date Feature. 
Read to the end My Review to discover witch one are Permanent Shortening Services or Permanent URL Redirection Services or with Validity Time, Expiry Date Feature !

Check what URL Shortener are Out of Service - Updated List !

You'll find Multiple Types of Shortening Services: Plain Simple URL Shortening, Password Protected, Expiring Time, Limited-Unlimited visitors, Direct Social Media Sharing, URL Shortening with QR code Generator, Private or Public viewing for shortened URL, Multi URL Shortener or Smart Multi URL Shortener, Multitarget URL Shortener, Shorten URL Rotator, URL Shortening with Earnings for Sharing, Geotargeting Shorten URL and if you are a "Shareholic"
The Best Feature: 1 Short URL For Multiple Long URLs    or   to 6 Video,
A = One Stop 4 All or B = One Stop 4 All

Here are some services where you can shorten URLs for Free.
I shall start with the most used one:

2018 “Top 10 URL Shortener”:

1) Tiny URL: 
TinyURL was launched in 2002 and probably is the most known and used world wide shortening services. They shorten any URL for you (Clickbank too !). 
It offers 2 other features very little used by visitors:
- The first is a one-click button that you can add to your browser and you never have to visit the site to shorten URLs. Just click the button on your browser and it’s done!
- The second is a preview feature.  This tells anyone who clicks on the “preview link” what they are accessing, so there are no surprises on the end.
Shorten URL =     Permanent URL Redirection
2) Bitly  : (Old Domain) or
Bitly helps you share, track, analyze shortened links if you are a registered member.
No registration required for shortening links only.
In 2009 Twitter replaced TinyURL with for URLs longer than 26 characters.
Don’t work with affiliate links from Clickbank
Shortened URL =      Permanent URL Redirection

3) Google URL Shortener :
On December 2009, Google announced his shortening service called Google URL Shortener.
As a registered member you can track your link and have different statistics regarding the shortened URL (last 2 hours clicks, day, week, month, All clicks). creates the QR Code for your shortened URL, for free (click on “Details” and get code).
(Read more about QR Codes here.)
If you have a g-mail account the service is available from the main interface “Products”.
Regard the WatchMouse monitoring page, who track URL shortening services, Google Shortener has the best up-time (100%) and is the fastest shortening service world wide.
Shortened URL =      Permanent URL Redirection

                                    (Scan this image with your smartphone)

4) -Doiop :  Doiop is a free service, custom keyword (I had used CashSnipers) to give shortened link some context, something simple and useful which many URL shortening services just don’t offer. Work with Clickbank.
Long URL =
Shortened URL =   
Permanent URL Redirection 

Isgd is a free service for shortening web addresses. You have two option:
1)      Automated shortening URL (paste your URL and press “Shorten!”)
2)      Pick a specific meaningful shortened address, a keyword  (before pressing "Shorten!", click on "Further options/custom URL" and type your choice in the additional box that appears. It’s that easy!
 (Example: “homebusiness”…and
the shortened URL will look like:
They offer something more, a QR Code feature with your shortened URL in (click left side link “Give me the URL as QR code” )
That’s how QR Code look like. Read more about QR Codes here.

Clickbank not allowed.

Shorten URL
Automated =  or Customized =
URL to a YouTube video =
ShortenURL =   Permanent URL Redirection

6) HotShortUrl :
It takes you 2 minutes to sign up for FREE and you will be able to shorten URL and create URL Rotator. They give you two free web rotator and you can rotate 10 URL from one location, They offer tracking option for the shortened URLs. No pop-up, no banner ads.

7) Wurl
A free URL shortening service. Custom url shortening, Password Protected Shorten URL, Shorten URL with Expiry Date, Total Visitors Number for Shorten URL (You can choose: 1,2,3,5,10, 20,50,100,500,1000,unlimited), Statistics, Private or Public Shorten Urls.Can be used as Affiliate Links Shortener or to share shorten links on social network, IM, SMS create QR Code.
Work with/for Clickbank links.
URL Shortening Service that work very good! Check (click) the link below to see how it work !
Password Protected Shorten URL:
Password: traffic   
QR Code Image & Image URL:  amazon2015plugin~q   to put image on website, blog without hosting the image yourself.

Expiry date: 31.12.2020 (You can choose: Day, Month, Year)
Recent Shortened URL List:
8) X.CO from GoDaddy ( ) Changed (2015) in
You can create, store and manage all your shortened links. You MUST be a registered member to use the service, but you can use some of their subdomains to shorten links or
THE BEST THING you can use your own domain name on your shorten link!   .

Old Shorten URL:   Old Links like this doesn't work!!!

9) shortener : a service has changed in 2015. The have Ads on their redirect page.
Visitors must click on "Skip This Ad " to see your URL .
No signup required just for shortening service.
Shorten URL To Comparison Price Table: or Recommended

10)  Adfly shortener :
Instantly, free shortening service without registration with their Ads.. As a registered member you can earn $4 per 1000 visitors to a link provided to them. Minimum payout at $ 5. Payment by PayPal.
URL scurtat:     Permanent URL Redirection

I recommend that before opening Shorten URL from unknown people, preview it in your browser. For this put the prefix “preview” to the front of the address you type or copy in the search box of your browser.
Example:  The new address will look like: http: //……. instead of

Shorten Your URL Here !!! 

Enter a long URL to make tiny:

It’s Hard to put a preview to a shortened link ?
Use these websites to see what’s behind….

- URL X-ray You can Enter any Shorten URL and Find out where shortened URLs redirect you without clicking on.
- Un Furlr   Free web “What's behind that short link?”
Available for Mobile: Android, IOS4.


If YOU HAD SUBSCRIBED TO a Newsletter, To watch a Free Video, Get a FREE Report, Download an eBook or Software or for other FREE or TRIAL service/ Info, do not Report emails as SPAM!!!
GO, please, to UNSUBSCRIBE or MANAGE Subscription link and DO the change !!!
Use URL Shortening WISELY !

Check what URL Shortener are Out of Service - Updated List !

Other Free URL Shortening Services or Free Link Shortener Services Description

Here is an Updated List =>April 2018 of Other Free URL Shortening services & Shortening Services Features :
- :   (Changed in 2018)
- :      - German company - Deutsche URL shortener, Custom URL Shortener, Expiring Time for Shortened URL, Statistics, Multi URL Shorten option ("Shorturl groups"), password for statistic page
- :       - German company - Deutsche URL shortener, Custom feature & Expiring Time for shorten urls, Password for Stats page, Short url groups (Multi url shortening)
-     new service from, custom shorten url
-  Single/Simple url shortener. Share your shortened links on social media networks. Must Sign in to shorten URL's!
-    work with Clickbank. Direct Share on multiple Social Networks. 
- McAFee Shortener:  Free URL Shortener form McAfee Secure. Simple, single url shortening service. Permanent URL Redirection
Direct Share on Facebook and Twitter after shortening urls.
- GG.GG:        Single Custom URL shortener, QR Code Generator, Direct Share on Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed. - Tinycc URL:  , a Simple URL Shortener. Change big URL into tiny URL. With link editing, detailed click statistics, QR Codes and much more.  
My shortened URL: and the QR Code for Shortened URL. Scan IT, with you Smartphone to see How It Works.    Permanent URL Redirection

Ilnk (Work Again 3.03.2015) Must Sign in to shorten URL's. Traffic reports; Create vanity short URLs; Get the Bookmarklet
- Uto - URL shortener Shortening all long links. Complete statistics of clicks for registered users. Search Engine Friendly URLs.
- Bcvc Modern url shortener with earning feature.
Earn cash for each visitor to your shortened url links. Place/Share your short urls on Facebook, Twitter, forums, personal websites and any social networking sites.
-KXKME KXK.ME is an URL shortening service, created to shorten lengthy URLs into shorter, more manageable. Features: Custom Short URL, password protection and limiting the number of visits, Multiple URL Shortening,
- VHT One of the Shortest URL. Smart Multi URLShortening (Shorten more than 1 URL at the same time), Classic and Mobile Version. Shrink your links, make them the shortest with Custom Shortening URL.
- CUTTUS URL Shortening Service, URL Shortener to Cut your links, into MUCH shorter ones. Custom Option, Smart Multi URL Shortener in English, French and Arab
- Cuts Name Shorter is Better!  Permanent URL Redirection
CUTS.NAME - Free service for shortening long web addresses. Hide preview
- URL Shortener - Shorten, customize and track your links
Make long URL short, easy to remember and share. Custom URL Shortening service with Traffic Stats.
- SnipURL: (The Service is Migrating to New Server-2018) Custom shorten url, Password shorten url (private key), Description (Title), Choose the domain (in "Settings" 4 prefixes:,,, For members: Statistics, shorten url management, multi url shortening
- Chilp  Simple URL Shortener. Can be used as Affiliate Links Shortening Service.
- Dr. Tiny Link Free Shortening URL Service with Custom Short URL, cloaking affiliate links service,  bulk URLs shortening, password-protected shorten URLs, Expiry Date - temporary URLs. Free Registration if you want to Edit, Delete Shorten Links or for Detailed Stats.
- Polls Db  Create a short URL for Long URLs‎ with Mask,you choose. A Free Service where You can create Free Polls for your webpage/website, too.
- Shoturl   ShortURL is a free URL forwarding service, URL redirection allowing anyone to take any existing URL and shorten it. Just type/paste a URL in the box. You can Choose a free” or from other 23 domain name.
- Rut URL   (Work Again from 12.08.2015) With rutURL you can convert a long url into a short and simple one. Custom name URL Shortening, Password protected shortened urls, Private or Public Shorten URL
- Keyfind  Simple, Custom URL redirection service. 5 sec Advertising Banner. You’ll see the link in the UpLeft Corner or you can wait to be redirected to the desired link. Stats for registered members.
Key successfully created!! Now you can access your url using
Key successfully created!! Now you can access your url using 
- WebAlias  They will provide you up to 3 webaliass addresses (6 URLs!!!) .
When you Sign up, they’ll offer 4 Types of membership (the display mode for their Ads: Simple Pop-up, Pop-up with NavBar –your url will be displayed to other registered members, Welcome Page with your real site url displayed on, Welcome page with Hidden real URL-it is displayed the webAlias address).
You can choose from many prefixes. Your site can instantly have a cool and memorable address like:,,, this,,,,,,,,,,, When you click the link downside you’ll see a nav bar with some option:
”Congratulations! Your website is now part of The WebAlias Network!
Your new WebAlias addresses have been activated and are now ready to use:"  

-Ourl Single url shortener, Custom alias. No other option.
-ShortURL Custom Alias, Password Protected Shorten URL, Expiry Date, Total Uses (Unlimited,1,2,3,5,10,20,50,100,500,1000), Public (listed on site) or Private (not listed), Direct Share on many social networks after shortening.  Custom URL Shortener. Title (optional), Stats/private-optional. For URL management you must be a registered member
Initial URL:
Shorten URL:
Stats Page URL:
The Service had blocked my short links after one day.
I don't recommend this service !!!
 - Lovebytes     Shortener with Custom alias and Title.
Geotarget URL Shortening Services:Geotarget URL Shorteners :
Geotarget url shortening Services, the free one, listed here,  can be disabled for many reason and without notification! You must check and carrefuly choose your Geotarget URL Shortener or check my Blog to see which one are Out Of Service !  

- Shorth  (Out of Service! 12.08.2015)
Shorth has changed. Only Registered user can shorten URLs. 
(842,360 Registered Users ! in 20.06.2014, 73 Registered user in 26.12.2014) 
OLD LINKs doesn't Work !!!
Free, with Advanced option/features and No Ads!  Single url shortener with: Custom alias, Password Protection, Description, Geotarget url, Add/Delete Location, QR Code for shorten url, Real-time tracking, Stats, Direct Share on Facebook and Twitter.
Available Languages: Chinese, English, French, Thai, German, RussianSpanish, Portuguese
Shorten URL:
Stats Page:

QR Code URL: image& link 


- LinkBitty   Private URL Shortener. Custom Alias URL Shortening. Single and Multiple urls shortener. Advanced Options for single shorten url; Geotargeting Add/Delete more locations, QR Code, Description, Analytics with Social media tracking (Google+, Twitter, Facebook). Can be used to shorten affiliate links. Available languages: French and English
 -GetShorter   Must be a registered member to shorten urls !!!  3 redirection types: Direct, Frame, Splash. Geotarget url shortener, QR Code generator, Stats page  
-ShrinkThatURL (Sturl)   Geotarget URL Shortener with Custom Alias, Description, Password Protection, QR Code Generator, Add/Delete Location, Stats for registered members ! Free Registration. Must enter Captcha code to shorten your urls.
Shorten URL:   Password for Shorten URL: free  
Stats   QR Code URL:
-Hotlink  Choose from 3 domain:,,,
Before Redirect to your page (long URL) they  have 3-4 Ads. Too much for me !
for Stats Page, Description, Custom Alias, Add/Delete Location, Direct Share on Twitter and -
- Becm You can choose the Redirection type: Direct, Splash, Frame. Other features: Geotargeting, Custom alias, Description for URL, Password protection for Stats
-Onli Multiple domain to choose from: li, buzz, social, zone, moda, trade, reviews, pics, sexy, Geotargeted urls, Custom alias, Description, Multiple languages (English, Russian, German, Thai, Greek, Spanish, French, Portuguese).
-Biic Single and Multiple URL Shortener, Geotargeted url, QR Code generator, Add/Delete Country, Password for Stats Page, Description, Custom Alias, Add/Delete Location, Direct Share. Available in Multiple languages.

URL Shortening with URL Rotator
-HotShortUrl :
It takes you 2 minutes to sign up for FREE and you will be able to shorten URL and create URL Rotator. They give you two free web rotator and you can rotate 10 URL from one location, They offer tracking option for the shortened URLs. No pop-up, no banner ads.
-Vzt URL Free Sign Up. For Members: Cloak/Hide Affiliate links - Clickbank URLs, Track URLs, Rotate URLs. No pop-up, no banner ads. URL Rotator for 10 urls, same as HotShortUrl.

Multitarget URL Shortening, MultiSharing URL Shortener 

What is a Multitarget url shortener?
It is an url shortener service that shorten Multiple Long urls in 1 short URL !!!
Why to use Multitarget url shorteners (MultiURL Sharing Shortener, Multi Link Sharing Shortening Service) ?

- I want just 1 Shorten Link to Multiple Long Links
- I can Share multiple URLs with just one link
- 1 Short URL for Multiple Long URLs
- I want to replace multiple urls with one link,
- I want to Share Multiple URLs via QR Code,
- I want all my site under one link,url,address
- I want to Share many webpages at once
- I want to Share Many Video at once (Youtube, Vimeo, etc)
- I want One URL for multiple Download Links
- I want to Share Multiple Amazon Products with one link
- I want to Share Multiple Products with one QR Code
- I want to Share Multiple Reviews with one link, Share Multiple Testimonials with one url
- Replace multiple url with one !

How to Shorten multiple urls into one

-MultiURL  Shortener  (OUT OF SERVICE April 2018)

Single URL Shortener or Multitarget URL Shortener with Custom alias, Password Protected shortened links, Group Name, Group alias, Custom Alias for Every Shorten URL, Stats For Group and individual Shortened URLs (“…bookmark this page to keep track of your link and view its stats...”), Reorder links, Add Links for registered Members, Direct Print, Share on Multiple Social Networks and Email (Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, etc).  
They will provide you 3 links, 3 Group shorten links:
1.With toolbar 
(Toolbar with Upper Left Corner navigation Buttons)

2.Browse list   (It will open a Browse List ! , with Direct Share)

3.Random link (It opens a random url from your list. I do not like that link/feature.)

-PlurioLink URL Shortening  Multisharing URL Shortener with Custom alias. With this Multisharing url Shortener you  can: Share more than one video, image, or web page with one shorten link. Preview (Screenshot of the page-website with Description). You can edit Description, Link title and more… 
Very, Very Good Service !  More Info on
Found or Reported illegal content will be removed from the website database !
Check this Link!
Shorten url:

They'll provide you 2 links: one is the Shorten URL and the other one is the Editing Link (like: ). You must save the provided links for Later Editing !
-Linkbunch Url Shortener that help you to Share Multiple Links with one short link. They’ll provide 1 short link for your log urls (, a list with the content (you can open links one by one) and an Open Entire Bunch page. The original links, long urls will open in pop-up, separate windows !
Shorten url:  check   Open Entire Bunch

-Bridge URL  URL Shortener with Direct Share on Twitter, Open link as Slideshow (right nav button) and View in One Page  where you have 2 option to Open as Slideshow or Open Links at Once. Long Links will be shortened with To be able to add, edit or delete links from your existing bridges you must be a registered user.
Your Bridge has been created :

Shortened to:

-FATurl  Multisharing URL Shortener with QR Code.
You can share multiple links by QR Code ! an interesting feature as alternative to share, open multiple links. 
                                        Multisharing QR Code

                  With ToC                                          Without ToC
You can insert up to 3 dozen (36 long urls), one per line with Caption (custom alias), Insert Site Title, Site Description, Title for Table of Content (ToC Caption) that can be visible or invisible if you tape “ off ” on that box, Custom Multishare Shorten Link, Embed links in Tab (if it’s possible), Add antiIFrame buster pill and/or Load Real Titles.
Free Registration to have Stats and URL Management (add/delete/modify,etc).
They will provide 14 shorten links with prefixes like:,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.
Shorten URL:  Without “ToC Caption”
Shorten URL:  With „ToC Caption”

 - MinMu  (Out of Service 27.11.2016)
MinMu is a Multisharing URL Shortener. This Multitarget URL Shortener allows you to shorten multiple links at once. No registration Required !!!
You must insert 5 numbers, You Page Title and Your Custom Alias, your long url or the urls you want to share, than the Captcha Code and hit Submit.

That’s All !! and you’ll receive:
The Shortened link:   Main Min Mu Page Link
The Update Link: Copy this link to Manage URLs Group (Delete or Add URLs Later !).
The Delete Link: This link will only be shown once!

-The Link Fuser  (Out of Service 01.10.2015)   
The link Fuser is a Multiple url shortener. No Custom Alias. Add more url button. Push “Fuse”…. After the fusion you’ll get your…
Shorten URL:
You can Can Add Title and Edit the Pill (Screenshot Preview on the right side), if you have a Twitter account. Direct Tweet.

-Merge   (Out of Service 12.08.2015) Multiurl Shortener Merge is a Mutltitarget url shortener. You can shorten multiple links at once and open these from one link or share one link for multiple urls
Shorten url:   Click the Arrow to see how it looks and works !

-Furly  (OUT OF SERVICE Feb 2018) You can Replace multiple urls with just a single url using Furly. Custom shorten link.  No other option. Easy navigation between urls. Older links doesn't work !
Shortened url:
Multitarget URL Shortening

-DL-Protect  (OUT OF SERVICE Feb 2018) Multitarget url shortener to protect your multitarget link (optional) with Captcha code and Password. Available languages: French, English.Permanent URL Redirection
Eg: Captcha-Yes, Password - multitarget, Create Folder - Yes
Shortened Link:
Click Decrypt Link and you’ll get

- N link  Multitarget URL Shortener with Caption, Custom Keyword URL, Removal code if you want to delete your URL.
Multitarget URL Shortening Service with Description for each long URL. QR Code, Preview Page with Screenshot for each destination/link. You can delete your link, get a QR Code for every URL (below the Link Screenshot). Available languages: German and English.   Permanent URL Redirection

 Click "nLink it" and ....
Shortened URL:
QR Code URL:
Preview Page:

URL Shortener Out of Service List !

I hope this Information will be of great use for your business.
Click on   DOWNLOAD
Click Here to watch video: How to  Download/Upload file ......  min:1:50 sec.
Please NOT USE their Download manager (uncheck left box) and use Left Download Button !!!

PS: What service do you use for URL Shortening ?

       Write me please on “comments” and the facilities offered.